Batman Forever Batmobile Specification

Batmobile Forever Batmobile Specification

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Cool car. Flashy, but with style.
LordBrainus95 on 8/29/2010 9:32:55 PM
What a hunk of crap.
E on 8/8/2010 12:40:37 AM
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BATLIZARDMAN on 7/10/2009 8:22:24 PM
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leubenmensch der body electric on 2/14/2009 12:28:03 PM
The Kilmer Mobile is great. I don't know what some of you people are talking about. I mean, sure it has the neon, but it looks pretty nice. IMO, the second best batmobile after the Keaton Mobile.
Michael Keaton Fan Man on 1/29/2009 11:03:58 AM
the best looking bat car was the original not the adam west but the keaton movie but the tumbler is bad ass in every way
suck a dk yo on 12/9/2008 7:43:10 PM
i just got back from tennese at pigeon forge and i saw the keaton mobile. at a place called hollywood star car museum . i saw the batmobile with my own eyes i still like the kilmer car i wish that some one could put a cmment about the kilmer car where to buy it and when there will be blinkers on it for driving it in any town and any state send a comment please.
denton thornton on 12/1/2008 12:05:31 PM
it looks more like a lizard mobile
archiel on 11/25/2008 7:39:55 AM
This is my favorite bat mobile, like look at it. Instead of having a gas pedal, you have a freakin' handle that you move back to move faster, I'd do ANYTHING to have this car, and I mean ANYTHING.
Jeff on 9/11/2008 6:47:39 PM
I'd guess u lift the body
viper blade on 8/27/2008 4:21:59 AM
I don't mind this Batmobile compared to the Clooney one. This still had a darkness to it and it still had a closed canopy and two seats at least. My question is though, how would one work on the engine on this car? I don't see any main opening to actually get at the engine.
Tom on 8/23/2008 9:47:27 PM
it looks really cool.
its sleek and futuristic and streamlined.

its cool but not practical.

if the lights were turned off or instead of lights the under parts painted medium blue with the body painted black.

i like this car.
Bat Martyn on 8/16/2008 7:09:41 PM
It would be a great Batmobile if it would have been totally covered not showing the lights and That stupid Bat logo on the wheels it should've been more Like the Keaton car
Lee Darin on 8/14/2008 10:17:06 AM
This is kind of car that would driven by the Ambiguously Gay Duo in a gay pride parade. Not there's anything wrong with that!
Mike Engel on 8/8/2008 7:39:49 PM
crap on wheels

i think batman to be dark
Kieran on 8/2/2008 9:33:23 AM
Some real stealth here guys. I wonder what that crapload of lights coming is. Why not just paint it blaze orange.
Viper Blade on 8/1/2008 12:04:31 PM
number one best batmobile
denton thornton on 7/30/2008 4:48:10 PM
one of you people who worked on this site better tell JAY OHrberg that his friends need to build more of those 1995 batman forever batmobiles and put those blinkers on them please so that I can drive it on any kind of road. By the way I am almost 17 im not driving yet because my permit expired so im looking forward to driving it .contact me at by the way that is still my favorite batmobile to drive.
denton thornton on 7/29/2008 12:22:42 PM
i must say that this looks better than the clooneey one but. This is just a joke. Its like a christmas tree on wheels.
Kieran on 7/28/2008 10:07:09 PM
How much you want to bet we got a kid on this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
viper blade on 7/10/2008 12:42:46 AM
batmobilezilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, in other words, the king of the batmobiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
batdreadnought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, batdestroyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, batlandbattleship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the batmobile from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the devilbatman's batmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, batdemonmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

batzombiemobile on 6/29/2008 5:35:47 PM
this is one of the best-looking batmobiles
i've ever seen.
did you guys know?, the lincoln futura already looked very batmobile even before it became the adamwestbatmanmobile
you may have heardn this already, but, there are three monster truck type batmobiles, one is on the wheels of the bat page of batman: the ultimate guide to the dark knight, another is on thew history of the batmobile and so is third of the three.
batmobilunatic on 6/26/2008 12:56:01 PM
design-wise, i think this Batmobile is the sexiest batmobile ever created out of all the live Batman films,

however, this car, like everyone else says, goes against the rules of Batman's stealth rule, and it is pointlessly stuptid with all the bat "wings" on the car with the neon lights,

it is sexy, but i doubt its any good for its performance, just looks,

but SEXY
Cory on 6/2/2008 8:18:05 PM
This car has to many lights. why not add beacons and sirens to make it the complete joke it is. When I think of batman I think of stealth technology.
viper blade on 5/7/2008 11:46:19 AM
for questions about renting
a on 5/6/2008 12:25:10 PM
De on 5/3/2008 9:11:38 PM
hi this is bobby ,my prom is in two weeks and i was wondering if it would be possible to rent the Keaton bat mobile ..if so please contact me at my email, with the prices..thank you...please hurry cause my prom is two weeks from today
bobby ramos on 4/16/2008 6:27:48 PM
I wanted to know if the batmobile limo is for rent. I wanted to rent it for my prom. If so, could you please email me the price and person to contact. Thanks!
Breanna on 3/27/2008 10:55:27 PM
n8mobiles on 12/10/2007 10:25:30 AM
no sir, I don't like this car. It looks like a fishing lure. The first and last bat rides take it easily... the new bike in the upcoming movie is pretty slick, too.

a cool thing about batman is that he has a car as part of his character - spiderman and superman could never get away with owning a cool car. Fantastic four have a flying Dodge (complete with hood ornament) fer chrissake...

Only batman can pull it off. however... this car... this particular car... is about as cool as Peter Parker's moped with a stack of pizzas on it.
ramblingvine on 12/7/2007 12:14:32 AM
i'm sorry all of those who love this car, but it's by far the worst batmobile.
the Keatonmobile is the transportation method that 9 out of 10 gods prefer, and although tumbler was a craptank, it still stuck to the batman black/stealth rule, the clooneymobile was like a christmas tree, much the same as the kilmermob, but to its' benefit still kept basic BATman styling.
However, i'm sad to say that aquaman fits better with the kilmermobile, due to the rather... erm, fishy styling and bright blue neons!
... oh, and it also looks like a cheap ripoff of the strippeddown, train-mobile keatonmobile thing.
they should give it to aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie or something.
(this car IS sexy and cool and stuff, but it's a roadster/fish)
dan on 10/20/2007 11:29:50 AM
"u all r retarded if u dont think this is not the best Batmobile made"

What a stupid comment...
Me on 9/27/2007 10:18:30 AM
see kiss from a rose music video on aol music. it rocks.
anonymous on 7/12/2006 12:30:04 PM
u all r retarded if u dont think this is not the best Batmobile made
anonymous on 6/26/2006 7:18:27 PM
The Kilmermobile rules, the Tumbler drools and so does the Keatonmobile andthe Clooneymobile.Those three cars are so god dam ugly especially the Tumbler.
Terry McGinnis on 5/9/2006 5:22:12 AM
Hey Piddle, considering that you waste your time even responding to my posts just shows me how little of a life you have.

Then again, I do find your uneducated and immature responses entertaining, so please keep posting!
Mr. Anonymous on 4/24/2006 11:24:50 AM
Abouth the 5 batmobiles the 1st goood 2nd like the 1st the 3rd started the modifications,4th mmm good and in Bat-man begins

batmovile half hummer half lamborghini with more changes than the 3rd batmobiles So iknow that beauty actrees Kathy holmes married with tom cruise....... So if i returned to the batmobil story .....¡how much money,they spend ,tin those cars
Alex de los santos garcia on 4/21/2006 12:42:05 PM
THANK YOU Mr. Annonymous! You are completely right and have changed my entire outlook on life! You call me a fag when you clearly want to be a psychiatrist or some shit when really you cant make it so you go to a Batmobile site and get all therapist on us, and no thank you, i know u want me but im straight brotha so go find a pussy and then f### that cross dresser! it will be a start.
P-to-the-izzle on 4/21/2006 12:16:40 PM
Piddle (P-to-the-izzle)! A third response! Wow....

So Batman is a homosexual, eh? Well, let's explore that:

Apparently, Batman/Bruce Wayne can put on a hell of a front, considering that he bagged women you will never even touch in a lifetime, and only masturbate to while doing your daily search of online porn.

Could this outlashing of accusing a major superhero of homosexuality a result of you not admitting to your own homosexuality? Is it you that likes to have phallic fantasies? Do you often imagine another man giving you his manhood in various orifices?

Please do share, gansta wannabe extraordinaire.
Mr. Anonymous on 4/19/2006 11:06:58 PM
If I could actually read what you wrote, I might be inclined to agree/disagree with you.
Mr. Anonymous on 4/11/2006 4:19:15 PM
tumbler is wicked but is it as gd as da Keaton car
anonymous on 4/8/2006 4:06:43 PM
da tumbler is shit nd batman forver car is whack but it has gd gadgets nd yeh it gets da job done

but it need restyling
anonymous on 4/8/2006 4:02:40 PM
Hey, people cmon! It's a little reminiscint of the tru sleekness that comes with Batman, right? Maybe the neon was a bad addition (maybe Joe Schmumacher was a pimp yikes...) Sorry, just get that image out of your heads for a minute

Okay. Even though it's a bit overdone, it still is better than that gulp...Clooney car. Now I must get THAT image out of my head. Go away dang you!!!!!
Batboy on 4/5/2006 7:34:42 PM
Hey jackass, did you even see Batman Begins?

The Tumbler not only drove through the city (in some parts, literally), but also drove OVER the city. Go rent the movie.

Who the fuck cares if the car is "sleek", like half of you are pissing and moaning about? The Tumbler gets the job done, and that's what Batman wanted it for. You could have taken a Hoover vacuum cleaner, put it on wheels and outfitted it with a jet engine and dual machine guns, but as long as it served it's purpose, who the fuck cares?

The Tumbler would easily waylay this piece of shit, but thank God the Riddler got to it first (and why was it so easy to destroy this car in the first place?). I just wish the Clooneymobile would have followed the same path. What's the Kilmermobile going to do: drive up another wall and have some magical way of getting down to avoid the Tumbler?

They should have never let Schumacher do this film....or the one after this.
Mr. Anonymous on 4/5/2006 4:21:05 PM
the tumbler looks shit i dnt care fi it goes with the whole feel of the movie it has great gaets but its nt sleek nd is batman realy going to be able to drive that through a city it wouldnt fit

anonymous on 3/31/2006 12:42:05 PM
this car is fat it looks excellent but it doesnt have the gadgets the tumbler has or the keaton car but its looks make up for it but come on why did they make the riddler blow it up
jak the batman on 3/31/2006 12:40:06 PM
this Batmobile is okay but it would be bettter without the neon
C.Morris on 3/20/2006 11:38:03 AM
Batman is cool I think you would agree
slavebaby on 3/10/2006 10:34:45 AM
the Batmobile , the mach 5,kitt(knight rider)will be fight in a race in a game this cars have technologies totally differents and desings fantastics the mach 5 and the first Batmobile are the best desing inthe all times!!!the Batmobile in the batman animated series is very cool will be assembly for somebody the desing is estiloso and modern
eduardo pereira brazil on 2/9/2006 10:53:19 PM
I love that car! I think it is the best Batmobile!

Én imádom ezt a kocsit! Szerintem ez a legjobb Batmobile!
anonymous on 1/25/2006 2:36:14 AM
the kilmer car is by far the bast ever because it looks stunning in the movie
theo on 12/29/2005 4:32:19 PM
the Batmobile is the BEST
brett on 12/29/2005 12:44:46 PM
where did u guys get all of the little pics. of the batmobiles
anonymous on 12/29/2005 12:26:43 PM
the Batmobile is the best veheical ever made
anonymous on 12/29/2005 12:25:01 PM
Nothing will ever compare ti the original movie bat mobile :keaton. the tumbler is a close second :tumbler. maybe the kilmer car would look better if it were solid black :kilmer.
Potter on 12/22/2005 11:36:52 PM
How will the thing protect itself from bulletfires?

Cypocalypse on 11/1/2005 3:41:02 PM
i always liked the look of this Batmobile, it has a kind of horror feel to it. i guess its the underlighting, the showing of the "ribs" of the car. of course anything that has an inspiration from Geiger would have that "scary" feel.
anonymous on 10/25/2005 7:13:14 PM
Batman Begins Tumbler is the only version with a plausible background, similar to the film, an actual reason for why it looks like and behaves like it does, Christian Bale kicks ass, british actors kick ass!
anonymous on 10/18/2005 9:12:30 AM
The New Batman movie 'Batman Begins' Is crap....Poor for a Batman Movie...And 'Christian Bale' Is one shitty Actor!! Get another Job 'Mr. Bale' You'd be better cleaning the men's toilets!!!! HA-HA!
Steven M. on 10/7/2005 10:38:29 AM
I Think 'Batman Begins' is shit!!....The Two Best Batman movies were ''BATMAN'' and ''BATMAN RETURNS'' Which Danny DeVito Made an excellent villain playing 'The Penguin' and 'Michelle Pfeiffer' was also very sexy playing the elegant 'Catwoman' top marks for both of them...Jack Nicholson was always my best villain as 'The Joker' In the Original 'Batman' movie i like his style he plays characters so well Just like he does in 'Stanley Kubrick's' horror flick- ''THE SHINING''....Michael Keaton is the True ''Gotham hero!!!! top man......
Steven M. on 10/7/2005 10:33:24 AM
its pretty cool too. this car only sucks comparitively to the 1989. but ya a little to extravagant
Mooch on 9/26/2005 7:03:31 PM
This car would have looked so much better if they took all the neon off and had just a simple flat black paint job.
plo on 9/11/2005 11:15:54 AM
its better with the neon trust me
anonymous on 7/22/2005 9:16:02 AM
Just imagine how good that car would have looked without all the neon.
?????? on 7/21/2005 9:03:21 PM
ckl on 7/19/2005 7:25:19 AM
How much is to make a Kilmer Mobile?
anonymous on 7/10/2005 3:35:47 PM
Now that's impressive!!!
riddler on 7/10/2005 3:06:40 AM
Not bad at all.

Batmobile Fan on 7/4/2005 5:00:05 AM
Actually quite tasteful. I don't think it looks "organic", but it's certainly menacing. And that blue light job inspired me to later to severely modify my computer case with with blue LED fans and cold cathodes. 4 out of 5 stars.
Darren Berquist on 7/2/2005 1:27:46 PM
yo this car is the best one by far in looks but the thing that puts the original above the rest is the gadjets think about

and is it just me or would it be cool to see a movie version of the original batman cartoon Batmobile
anonymous on 6/26/2005 8:30:13 PM
But still and awesome car?

Huh, do you speak English?
anonymous on 6/26/2005 1:31:29 PM
Hate? not my cup of tea, but still and awesome car! (the 1989 Batmobile still my fav) ... ...
Ivan on 6/26/2005 12:37:51 AM
i hate it too
anonymous on 6/24/2005 6:52:33 AM
I hate that Batmobile...
anonymous on 6/22/2005 7:23:20 PM
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