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Meh. What a waste of time it was to make this God awful piece of junk.
Dark Knight Detective on 3/5/2009 10:15:12 AM
Pft, they should have just used the same car as in 'Forever'.
I mean, it's really similar in way you know, but then this one is worse... :S
They didn't need another one, just like they didn't need another one in 'Returns'.
Because I see the first two with Michael Keaton as a set, then the two of Joel Shumacher as a set obviously (where they ALSO SHOULD have used the same car twice) and also the last two movies with the tumbler and even a bike coming out of it.
MicHaeL H. on 10/3/2008 5:22:34 PM
On the 2-disc set of Batman and robin, they compared this to a pinball machine.
Cole Earnhart on 6/18/2006 12:38:48 PM
actualy joel shumacer thought of a great cockpit idea....then he left it near the fire to long and we ended up with this mess
C.Morris on 3/20/2006 11:45:15 AM
did they steal the cockpit out of one of those ride from chucky cheese??????
DUBB on 3/16/2006 12:12:22 AM
i agree it look kinda like a toy
bruce on 12/29/2005 1:00:04 PM
wut up wit da colour????? it looks like some kinda toy thing
anonymous on 10/17/2005 11:37:30 PM
I really dont like the or the but the tumbler and the 1989 keaton car are by far the BEST ever made. I dont know what went through their heads when it came to these two...

The cockpit looks like its made by a preeschooler... stupid

colors everywhere...makes you wonder... isnt batman the "Dark Knight"? Not the "Colorful Knight"...

SOLIDUS on 9/9/2005 5:32:40 PM
Is thare any good feature on this car?
anonymous on 7/6/2005 3:32:50 PM
Agreed. It's butt ugly. And the color scheme is horrible.
Darren Berquist on 7/2/2005 2:14:26 PM
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